Ukraine’s leading enterprise for healthy chicken production without antibiotics
Try a new brand of delicious chicken meat that helps build a healthy life for you and your family.
Epikur products
It is more than just delicious and healthy chicken without antibiotics and other growth stimulants. It is aimed to help everyone live a healthy and happy life. We dream of the society where people can enjoy little things and appreciate every moment.
Our production
These are spacious poultry houses with well-kept chickens that grow on natural feed and clean water. It is fresh Volyn air and proven European technologies that help produce tender and high-quality chicken meat without stimulants and antibiotics for the disease prevention.
We are true and sincere about what we say
As it is. Our chicken meat is unlikely to save the world, but it will definitely make it healthier and happier. We care for what we do, that's why we grow our chicken conscientiously. Like for ourselves.
We produce chicken because
High-quality chicken meat is one of the best ways to establish a healthy diet for your family and the first step for more active lifestyle. We do not teach to be happy, but we give energy to change life for the better